Any agency or organization with  personnel trained to the level of public safety first aid as outlined in Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 1.5.,
which has in its possession AEDs.  Public Safety AED Service Providers are responsible for, and must be approved by the EMS Agency
to operate an AED.
EMT/Public Safety AED Annual Update Report
EMT/Public Safety AED Instructor Application
EMT/Public Safety AED Provider Application
EMT/Public Safety AED Personnel Training Record
EMT/Public Safety AED Use Patient Report
Policy 204 - Public Safety AED Program
Policy 204 Attachment A - AED Provider Guide
For more information contact: Kyle Parker
EMS Continuing Education Provider means an individual or organization approved by the EMS Agency, to conduct activities or
experiences and issue earned for the purposes of maintaining certification/licensure or re-establishing lapsed certification or licensure.  
Only approved EMS CE can be used.  BRN or nursing CE cannot be used by EMS continuing education personnel.  Make sure
you check for the EMS CE Provider # before taking any course.
SLO County Approved CE Providers
Continuing Education Provider Application
Sample CE Course Certificate
Sample CE Course Evaluation
Sample CE Course Roster
Policy 171 - CE Provider Approval and Course Approval
Policy 171 Attachment A - CE Provider Guide
For more information contact: Kyle Parker
Controlled substances issued to and maintained by EMS Agency authorized Advance Life Support (ALS) units,
whether transporting or non-transporting.
Policy 211 - Management of Controlled Substance
Policy 211 Attachment A - Power of Attorney for DEA Form
Policy 211 Attachment B - Quarterly Narcotic Report Form
FDA list of Drug Shortages
For more information contact: Kyle Parker
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program
The EP Program is responsible for supporting the Public Health Department in the management and coordination of public health emergencies. Incidents
that would involve public health include:
  • Natural disasters
  • Technological disasters
  • Bioterrorism incidents  
  • Other acts of terrorism, including chemical and radiological
  • Pandemic Flu  
Medical Reserve Corp (MRC)
The County of San Luis Obispo Medical Reserve Corps (SLOMRC) is a group of trained volunteers who assist public health
efforts during times of special need or disaster.

For more information contact: Denise Yi
Working to assure that our county’s residents and visitors receive optimal prehospital care on a daily basis and protection during public health emergencies.
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