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Can I get an EMT certification if I have a misdemeanor or felony conviction?
Your application for initial EMT certification, current EMT certification or EMT recertification can be revoked, denied, suspended or put on
probation depending on the circumstances and type of conviction.  Once we become aware of an allegation, our investigation will include
a written statement from you, arrest reports and court documents.   In some instances your employer will be notified of the allegation and
are given the opportunity to investigate and have input in the action taken against your  EMT certification.    
By State regulations the
Medical Director shall deny or revoke if
 these actions apply.    The Medical Director may deny, revoke, place on probation or
suspended an EMT if any of
these actions apply.
Not yet expired...
24 Hours of Refresher/CE Hours are required.
0-6 months expired...
24 Hours of Refresher/CE Hours are required
Greater than 6 months but less than 12 months
36 Hours of CE is required (12 additional)
12 months but less than 24 months expired...
48 Hours of CE is required PLUS Completion of National Registry Exam PLUS do a new Live Scan
Greater than 24 months expired...
You must repeat the entire EMT Basic Course PLUS take the National Registry Exam PLUS do a new
Live Scan
How long will it take to process my application?
Once the EMS Agency receives a clear background check through the Department of Justice, it will take up to 14 business days to process your certification card.  If
an applicant does not have a clear background check, additional processing time will apply.

Do I have to apply in person?
All initial applications must be submit in person.  Recertification applications may be submit by Email, fax or mail.

What does it cost to replace a lost or stolen card?
The fee for a replacement card is $10.00.

Do I need an EMT certification to work as an EMT if I have a California Paramedic Licence?
A California licensed Paramedic working as an EMT is not required to have an EMT card.  However, If the employer or individual wants an EMT card they will be
required to submit an application packet.  See
EMT certification page for details.

What if I have additional questions?
Contact the County of San Luis Obispo EMS Agency.  We are happy to answer your questions by phone, e-mail or in person.  

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the EMT certifying authority in California?
EMT certification falls under the local county Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS Agency) jurisdiction and is valid statewide.

Where do I complete my background check (Live Scan)?
The EMS Agency has the required forms and location of sites approved in the County of San Luis Obsipo.  Certification applications cannot be processed until the EMS
Agency has received your record from the Department of Justice.

Do I have to be fingerprinted each time I re-certify?
Once you have completed a Live Scan background check (in which the County of San Luis Obsipo EMS Agency is the noticed agency), you do not need to repeat this
step upon recertification in the County of San Luis Obispo.  However, if you decide to re-certify in another county you will be required to do a new Live Scan and pay the
state initial certification fee of $75.

Do I have to submit a DMV printout each time I re-certify?
In the County of  San Luis Obispo, Yes.

How often do I need to re-certify?
Every two years.

Is it permissible to work with an expired EMT certification card?
No, it is against the law. There is no grace period.

If my certification has expired, can I still re-certify?
Yes, within the following parameters: